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Monday, March 18, 2019

Battle of Bloody Marsh

Battle of Bloody Marsh

Battle of Bloody MarshBattle of Bloody Marsh When an English trader by the name of Jenkins violated a trade agreement with Spain, and the ear of Jenkins cut off as an example, a war was declared. General James Edward Oglethorpe was promoted to the office of General and given the assignment to fight the Spanish in Northern Florida. The war is known to historians as the "Battle of Jenkins Ear". On July 7, 1742, several Spanish vessels landed on St. Simon's Island and commenced walking towards Ft. Frederica expecting to fight European-style in an open field. Meanwhile, the highlanders hid in the woods and attacked guerrilla-style in an open marsh. This battle is known as the Battle of Bloody Marsh. Although the English were significantly out numbered, the confusing guerrilla tactics of the Scottish Highlanders, resulted in an important English victory. The Spanish galleons left Georgia and sailed for Cuba. Although General Oglethorpe won the land war with Spain, he had been in the colony for fifteen years and by the time that he returned England the victory went ignored by his contemporaries. 

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