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Friday, November 30, 2018

Barnsley Manor in Bartow County

Barnsley Manor

The original manor house (now Barnsley Resort) was built in the style of an Italian villa by Andrew Jackson Downing. Before it was completed, the wie of Godfrey Barnsley fell ill and died. Barnsley suspended its construction but resumed it later when he said that he felt her presence at the site telling him to finish the house for him and his children. During the War Between the States, the mansion was the site of a battle, and much of the house and Barnsley's possessions were ransacked by the Union Army. Barnsley lost his fortune during the Civil War and later moved to New Orleans where he died in 1873. His descendants continued to live at Woodlands until the roof of the main house was blown off by a tornado in 1906. Barnsley's granddaughter, Miss Addie, and her family who were living there at the time, moved into the kitchen wing and the main house was never restored, and eventually fell to ruins. In 1988 Prince Hubertus Fugger purchased the estate and began a major project to stabilize the ruins and rescue and restore the gardens.

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