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Monday, October 8, 2018

How did my People Die? #georgiapioneerscom #gagenealogy

"How did my People Die?"

German CemeteryThere could be many unidentified bodies in this old German cemetery. The genealogist does not always locate a death certificate which mentions the ailment. Yet there are other means of discovery. As diseases such as measles, diphtheria and the whooping cough swept the children of old farms and communities, one can ascertain the date of the event by viewing old tombstones. Events spaced within several days or weeks were times of sickness. A careful search within family plots is even more revealing, as unmarked graves are represented by sunken soil. There may have been a wooden marker placed at the head of the grave on that unpleasant day, now hidden in the soil. On the day that Tom Clements of Forsyth, Georgia died, it rained all day. He was to be buried inside the old Davis Smith cemetery at Brent, sitting at the top of a hill, and enclosed by a wall of white rocks. The grave had been dug, however, was filled with rain water. Hence, the day in burying him. There are many similar stories, no longer remembered because the generations all are gone.

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