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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Scotch-Irish Settlers Gave us Linen Cloth #genealogy #georgiapioneers #history

Scotch-Irish Settlers Gave us Linen Cloth 

spinning wheelThe Trustees gave the first settlers to Georgia an inventory of two woollen dressed to wear in the colony. Soon after the first emigrants, the Trustee's Garden in Savannah was established with its main focus upon raising the silk worm. The settlers were given land grants and 500 plants of mulberry cuttings. Although the quality of the silk was favorably compared with the Chinese and samples taken to King George of England, the settlers had such a poor start that they went to raising cattle instead. Thus, the venture failed. However, the Scottish settlers who settled Darien raised hemp and wove that into a fine linen cloth, much more desirable than woollen. As time went by and cotton was a popular crop, women spun the cotton balls into thread and this product clothed the families.  McIntosh County Genealogy Records and Histories

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