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Friday, January 13, 2017

When Local Militia Protected Communities #genealogy #history #georgiapioneers

When Local Militia Protected Communities

Militia Companies

Before America was a centralized government, county militia companies were formed to protect its citizens. As new land was settled, there an inherent need to protect people against the various Indian tribes. In fact, rampart hostilities existed up until the time of the Revolutionary War. As settlements moved from East to West, the mountains were occupied by a number of waring Indians who regularly scalped white men and took their women as slaves. Hence, every male 21 years and upwards was expected to join the militia, and they did so willingly. At the onset of the Revolutionary War, the militia companies joined the fight of the rebels, especially while the British occupied Charleston, Savannah and Augusta. While these guys were not part of the Continental Army, they worked with the Continentals under General Greene in and about Georgia and South Carolina in helping to distract the British occupation. Then, during the War Between the States, militia once again took up its rifles to go to war. Prewar militia companies soon became regiments in the Union and Confederate Armies. 

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