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Thursday, December 8, 2016

War of 1812 in Georgia #genealogy #history #georgiapioneers

The War of 1812 in Georgia

Creek WarThis war was primarily protecting Georgia ports and the frontier against Indians who sided with the British. The Seminole Indians located in East Florida were urged by the Spanish and the British to attack Georgians. Many volunteers came forward. In 1812, William Golden enlisted in Lincoln County and served under Captain Read and Colonel Blackshear from 1812 to 1815. They defended the southern and western borders of Georgia against hostile Indians, constructing a number of roads and a ferry to expedite troops. As the Creek Indians entered the fight along the southern frontier, Governor Mitchell ordered ten forts in Twiggs, Telfair and Pulaski Counties to be constructed as a defense. Then, during November of 1813, 700 Creeks massacred 300 men, women and children at Ft. Mims in Alabama. The troops of Georgia and Tennessee were ordered out and General John Floyd was sent to drive the Creeks from their towns and burned their homes. Another assault by General Floyd occurred the following year against the Upper Creeks who had gathered in great numbers at Hotle Craulee. A victorious battle at Challibbee was fought which ended the Indian hostilities. 

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