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Friday, December 23, 2016

Templeton Reid, Georgia Coinmaker #history #genealogy #georgiapioneers

Templeton Reid, an Early Coinmaker in Georgia

Templeton Reid CoinThe Reid family were from Scotland and arrived in Georgia by way of Northern Ireland and Lancaster County, Pennsylvania about 1745. A few years later, they moved southward to Rowan County, North Crolina. The father of Templeton was Alexander Reid who had four brothers who fought in the American Revolutionary War. Afterwards they all qualified for bounty lands in Georgia. So it was that five Reid families moved into Greene County between 1786 and 1792. Alexander Reid owned and operated a ferry over the Oconee Rive and a grist mill near the crossing of the Eatonton-Greensboro Road. After the death of Alexander, Templeton removed to Columbus where he advertised in The Enquirer as being the best gun maker in the United States. Thereafter, he minted gold coins in Dahlonega. 

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