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Friday, November 11, 2016

Ole Dan Tucker #genealogy #georgiapioneers

Newspaper Editors Included Information About Confederate Soldiers

L. R. Miller, one of the Confederate soldiers of Sandersville, won 21 battles. He was wounded twice, one through the body and one in the right foot. Source: The Washington Gazette. July 27, 1887. 

1,000 Watermelons Make a Car Load

watermelonsAccording to a Georgia newspaper, it takes 1,000 medium-sized watermelons to make a full car load. Meaning truck load? 

First Woman Editor in Georgia

ink quillReverend James Hillhouse was descended from Abraham Hillhouse of Free Hall, County Derry in Ireland. One of the sons of Abraham emigrated to England in 1719 or 1720 and removed to Norwich, Connecticut. James served as a Representative of the U. S. Treasury and David Hillhouse was the owner and editor of an early Georgia newspaper and helped to lay out the town of Macon when he was an Army Major. His daughter, Sarah, married Felix Gilbert and she was the first woman editor of Georgia who printed in her shop the Early Laws of Georgia by Order of the Legislature. 

Ole Dan Tucker

Some people believe that the old folk song "Ole Dan Ducker" sung by minstrels, was a tale after the adventures of Daniel Tucker of Virginia who came to Wilkes County at an early date. His brother, George Tucker, also removed to Wilkes County, before finally settling in Alabama. They were both Revolutionary War Soldiers. 
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