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Friday, October 7, 2016

Macon in 1900 #history #genealogy #georgiapioneers

Downtown Macon in 1900

Downtown Macon 1900
Georgia Senator Lost at Sea

Oliver Hillhouse Prince was born in Montville, Connecticut and removed to Georgia during 1796 where he was elected Senator of Bibb Co. 1824 to 1825 and 1828 to 1829. He was the Commander of Bibb Academy in 1821 and commander to layout Macon during 1824. Apparent he and his wife went on an ocean voyage because they were both lost at sea. Ref: Ga. State Archives Card Catalog. 

The Old Macon Hotel

During the Fall of 1862, Henry L. Jewett came from Connecticut to Macon and purchased the old Macon Hotel and was appointed as the Treasurer of the Georgia Southern Railroad. 

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