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Thursday, August 11, 2016

Tomochichi, Loyal Friend to Oglethorpe #history #genealogy #georgiapioneers

Tomochichi, Loyal Friend to Oglethorpe
By Jeannette Holland Austin

Chief Tomochichi

When James Oglethorpe found his way into the region now known as Savannah (from South Carolina), he was fortunate to meet up with a friendly group of Indians. Chief Tomochichi befriended the new colonists and took a personal liking to Oglethorpe. He gave Mary Musgrove who had been educated in South Carolina to speak the English language as an interpreter. Throughout the chief's life, they were friends and when he died he asked to be buried in Savannah. Some notes and newspaper accounts found at the Savannah Historical Society report that the Yamacraw chief was buried at Wright's Square. Originally, there was some symbolism placed on the spot which apparently was lost until the 1880s when it was proposed to place a monument of General Gordon there. Some of the local people remembered that the chief was buried in that square and objected. Thus, an archeological digging was commenced. A few arrows and other burial objects proved it to be the chief's burying place. At that time, a memorial stone was put in place for the chief. 

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