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Saturday, July 30, 2016

Is There a "Poison Pill" in Genealogy? #genealogy #georgiapioneers

poison pill
Is There a "Poison Pill" in Genealogy?
By Jeannette Holland Austin

Remember how Ted Cruz inserted a poison pill in the amnesty bill propounded by Chuck Schumer and Marco Rubio? The Bill was ready to present when Cruz (and other republicans) attached a phrase which totally removed citizenship from recipients of amnesty. There is no way that the democrats would accept such an amendment, because their primary reason for amnesty was to gain hispanic voters into the Democratic Party. Therefore, the so-called poison pill killed the Bill! The party is taking another route. At this writing, California is floating a Bill to grant "all illegals" the right to vote. They did a "work-around." Cruz Amendment

There are lots of time thst genealogists need to do a "work-around." Take Taliaferro County, Georgia, for example, where court house records were lost. The first surviving book of wills begins during 1875. Yet, Taliaferro County played its necessary role on the pages of Georgia history. Its formation began in 1825 when a flux of settlers came from Wilkes, Greene, Hancock, Oglethorpe and Warren Counties. That means that the search has to include those counties in every sense of the word. Every record, viz: deeds, marriages, plats, pensions, wills, estates, tax digests and defaulters, church and cemetery records, and so on, beg to be studied in behalf of the working families. Next comes a compilation of family group sheets for each family surname, whether or not related because, in the long run, later comparisons will help clarify relationships and migrations. So what attention should be given to the surviving Taliaferro records? It is encumbent upon the researcher to also examine those records, because these people are the children and grandchildren of the original settlers. Their documents reveal precious information, such as the location of the old home place, family cemeteries, church logs and marriages. Please also compile family group sheets for the more recent generations. In other words, a clear understanding of relationships is desperately needed. Now that you have a bunch of names from records after 1875, you can locate the heirs of these people and learn more from family historians. Yet, another type of poison pill is certain to be included in the mix. And that is the inaccurate family stories and other information coming from relatives. As time goes by, one is usually able to uncover the actual facts concerning the relatives. For instance, the name of the first husband of Aunt Mary or the size of the family homestead (from county records). Most researchers are able to put together a fairly accurate version of the family stories to assist. All in all, it is the poison pills which constitutes the substance of the entire research endeavor, or detective work.
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William Hall

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