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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Guerrilla Warfare in Georgia #history #georgiapioneers

Map of Ft. FredericaGuerrilla Warfare

Jeannette Holland Austin

General Oglethorpe first put settlers on St. Simon's Island in 1736; the transport was primarily Englishmen and highlanders from Scotland. The highlanders , protestant and known for their guerrilla warfare against the British, were hand-picked by Oglethorpe for the purpose of establishing regiments at Midway and on St. Simon's Island to protect Savannah and Charleston against the Spanish in Florida. After 1748 when Oglethorpe won the land war with Spain and disbanded his Georgia regiment and returned to England, settlers began to desert the military post and find land grants in other parts of the region. Many of them removed to McIntosh and Liberty Counties. The Colonial period was divided by the parishes of St. David, St. Patrick and St. Jones, organized in 1758. Glynn County was created in 1777 and named in honor of John Glynn, a member of the British House of Commons who defended the cause of the American Colonies in the difficulties which led to the Revolutionary War. Research should also include the Colonial Records of Georgia by Candler; McIntosh and Liberty Counties.

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