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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

The Future of Genealogy on the Internet

genealogies traced by Jeannette Holland Austin
Since I began searching for my ancestors in 1964, I have seen many changes occur and not all of them good.  The beginning was frought with books published in the 1930s without indexes.  No census records were indexed.  Most of these books remain unindexed today.  Also, as images of probate records are digitized and presented on the internet, oftentimes there is still no index.  For this reason Georgia Pioneers set out to make a difference.  We digitized county records page by page and provided indexes.  This is particularly true of any county record not having an index.  I hope that this helps everyone, as it is quite annoying to have to deal with unindexed records which are also difficult to read.  Anyone can use our Georgia Counties Index to learn if their ancestor left a will or an estate. A handy reference, even if you choose to go to the court house and get the record yourself.  Our goal is to make the experience somewhat easier, by simply clicking on the links.  Of course Georgia Pioneers also has huge collections of marriages, bible records, cemeteries, births, deaths, obituaries, traced families, civil war and revolutionary war pensions. Many of these items will not be found elsewhere on the internet, because are publications from books written by Jeannette Holland Austin.

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