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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Lost Records in the Sands of Time

How much information have we lost?
Since the beginning, mankind has kept records.  In the Bible, we read of the "Book  of Remembrance" kept by Adam.  Then, later referred to in books which later followed.  It appears that the prophet, Enoch, kept records, because there exists an old Ethiopian version "Book of Enoch" labeled since ancient days as apocalyptic. Apparently this ancient book written by Enoch was translated many times because it is full of mystical information and since its discovery, scholars have sought to learn its true interpretation.  Now, let us pass through the era of the flood, and get to the landing of Noah and his family.  It was from this lineage that the Egyptians were founded and archeologists have discovered hieroglyphics dating back to about 6000 B. C.  These glyphs contain detailed information concerning the times and family members of the pharoahs. It is simply a matter of interpretation, which has taken centuries to unravel.

Remember the flood and the Tower of Babel.  Ancient writings reveal that the population was so high-tech that it controlled the weather.  How does that compare to today's fanatics who claim the existence global warming and that the so-called pollution from automobiles actually affects the sky, clouds and ionisphere? 

Meanwhile, diggings in the ancient city of Ninevah (Iraq) near today's Mosul reveals a massive temple complex of idol worshippers.  The Middle East consisted of great rulers and civilizations. and has always set the stage for turmoil.   With the destruction of Alexandria in Egypt went the greatest library in the world for its time.

Recent discoveries also reveal that the same sophistocation of civilized society also settled in Palenque and Guatamala.  Those glyphs remained untranslated until the 1970s, when a mathematician by the name of Thompson figured out that the earliest date was about 585 B. C. Afterwards, it still took many years to correctly interpret the glyphs. One reason is that Thompson insisted the was correct.  The Mexican population maintained expert documents, which we have since learned that the Spanish conquistadors destroyed.  Thus, the Spanish wiped out an entire civilization said to be more literate than the Europeans.

Mankind is the keeper of records, of the history of the civilizations of the earth.  Only in recent history did the scholars tell us that man started off in caves and when he discovered his thumb, he could write.  This theory ignores the fact that Adam and Eve were schooled in the Garden of Eden by God himself and after the expulsion, heard his voice, and conversed with him.  So, if we are to believe that man was a dumb brute and it took thousands of years for him to reach a higher form of civilization, how did the pyramids get built?  They told us the pyramids were built with slave labor, and yet the angles and precision cuts of the stones suggest otherwise. They were too dumb to use a wench?  Atlanta housed an exhibit of King Tut.  In that exhibit was a wheel with gears. 

The point that I am attempting here is that discoveries change the facts.  And we should expect more of them.  Still, many of the oldest records have gone untranslated.  The genealogist assumes that if a court house burned, then the records were lost.  He goes there.  No records for that particular time frame.  Yet, miraculously books turn up.  Here is one explanation. Clerks in court houses used to take their work (books) home with them.  Later, in an estate sale or somewhere, the books start showing up.  Much has been lost since Adam and Eve.  Just as the researcher attempts to piece together the family puzzle, the former translations and histories written by scholars are also full of errors. However, at the time that their theories were published, they were basking in the glory of public praise and acclaim.   Actually, the genealogist cannot go much beyond the Doomsday Book (1066 A. D.),  From 1066 A. D. to 6000 B.C., that is a lot of records lost!  However, there are many genealogies which can be pieced together and fit into the learned history.  Details are important.  All that we need do is seek actual facts from official records and historical references, such as census and county records,  Hence, it is the genealogist who respects the facts.

While today we are in an era of discovering a past which was far more advanced than we had supposed, the internet is becoming our link to the past.  Yet the preservation of that technology is in peril, what with hackers, security risks and threats of regulations and taxation.  Will our data, like that of the ancient generations, also pass into oblivion?   What with the recent bombing of Paris and the reluctance of our President to secure the borders and engage the enemy, the advances of this era may also disappear from the earth.  It is a reality to face. 

Footnote:  There were cave-dwellers in Egypt and Palestine, but these were religious people who wanted to live a more exemplary life away from the Sanhedrin.

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