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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Monroe Co. GA Wills, Estates, Marriages

Monroe County Genealogy Records. 

The first court house was built 1825 in Forsyth and served the community until 1895 or 1896 when a two-story brick edifice was erected. Monroe County was created on May 15, 1821 by an Act of the General Assembly after Creek Indians ceded lands between the Ocmulgee and Flint rivers on Jan. 8, 1821 in the first Treaty of Indian Springs. The land was istributed by the 1821 land lottery and named for James Monroe, President of the US. Later, portions of Monroe County were used to create the following counties: Bibb and Pike in 1822; Butts in 1825 and Lamar in 1920. Many families who lived in Bibb County also resided in Monroe.

Monroe County Records Available to Members of Georgia Pioneers:

Digital Images of Monroe County Wills 1824-1847 Testators: Adams, Benjamin; Allison, David; Allright, David; Alston, Charity; Barron, Willis; Beall, James ;Beckham, Thomas; Bird, Clarissa ;Bird, James ;Bivins, Samuel ;Black, William ;Brantley, Benjamin; Brantley, Jeptha; Brantley, Nancy; Brewer, Henry; Cabaniss, Eldridge; Chancely, William; Chapman, Isaiah; Chappell, John ;Clower, Jesse; Clower, John ;Cochran, John ;Cohron, Elizabeth ;Colbert, James ;Colbert, John ;Colbert, William ;Coleman, David; Coleman, Robert ;Collier, Cuthbert ;Congleton, Allen; Cook, Nathaniel ;Cowles, Judith; Crowder, Frederick; Culloden, William ;Curry, Elijah ;Darden, Jethro; Darden, Stephen; Darden, William; Davis, Thomas ;Dillard, Arthur; Douglas, Miller; Dunn, Jone ;Dunn, Obedience; Durham, Matthew; Durham, Singleton; Durham, Thomas ;Durkee, Lewis; Dyess, Thomas; Edge, Obadiah; Edwards, John; Elder, Catharine ;Evans, John ;Fambrough, William ;Finch, Robert ;Fleming, James; Freeman, Edward; Freeman, Mathew; Freeman, Polly ;Gibson, Churchill; Gibson, John; Goggins, Abraham; Greer, John ;Hagood, Benjamin ;Hagood, Benjamin; Hamlin, Richard; Hamlin, Richard (2) ;Hanson, William; Harman, Zachariah; ;Harman, Zachariah (2)Harris, John ;Heath, Benjamin ;Hickman, John ;Hill, Henry ;Hogan, James; Hogan, William; Horn, John; Hudgens, Josiah ;Hunt, Turner Sr. ;Hunter, David; Jenkins, Francis; Johnson, Angus ;Johnson, Gideon ;Johnson, Larkin; Johnston, Archer ;Jones, Zedock; Jordan, Theophilus ;Keadle, Jeremiah ;Kelsey, Noah ;Lockett, Anna; Lockett, Cullen; Low, James; Malone, William; Mann, John Sr. ;McCary, Elizabeth; McGinty, Robert; McMullen, Fielder; Middlebrooks, Robert ;Middleton, John ;Milner, Peter; Mitchell, Margaret; Monk, John ;Moore, Joseph ;Morgan, James B. ;Moody, Jabez; Nelson, William S.; Nun, William; Owen, John; Partridge, William; Penn, Edmund; Phillips, Obadiah; Phillips, William ;Pinckard, James ;Pittman, John ;Ponder, John; Ponder, Margaret ;Pool, William; Pope, Jesse ;Pope, Wiley; Pratt, John (deed) ;Pye, Ann; Roberson, Mary; Rogers, John; Rogers, John (2) ;Rogers, Wiley ;Rutland, Riddick; Slack, John ;Smith, Augustus G. ;Smith, John D.; Smith, Seaton ;Stallings, John; Stallings, Sarah; Standard, John ;Stubblefield, Catharine; Switzer, Bird ;Tatum, Milly ;Taylor, Eden; Turner, Abednego; Turner, Ezekiah; Vandiver, Marcus; Walker, Sylvanus; Wallace, Mary; Wallis, Richard ;Watson, Benjamin; Watson, John Sr. ;Wilder, William ;Williams, William; Wilson, John; Wilson, Larkin ;Womack, Abraham; Wood, Henry ;Woodard, Orren ;Woodward, Keziah Monroe County Wills (abstracts) Monroe County Wills 1824-1847 (abstracts). Monroe County Wills 1848-1875 (abstracts). Monroe County Wills 1868-1878 (abstracts). Monroe County Wills 1876-1927 (abstracts). Indexes to Monroe County Probate Records Index to Monroe County Wills 1824-1847 Index to Monroe County Wills 1866-1876 Index to Monroe County Miscellaneous Estates 1861-1869. Index to Monroe County Annual Returns, 1823-1858. Miscellaneous Records Bass, Joshua (estate) Browning, Elizabeth deed to Marcus Culpepper (Digital Image). Chambliss, John, LWT (1879) (Digital Image). Chambless, Thomas, Guardian of Charles J. Chambless (Digital Image). Chambliss, Zachariah, LWT (1874) (Digital Image). Ethridge, E. N., Estate, Z. H. Chambless, executor (Digital Image). Evans, Elizabeth, estate (Digital Image). Evans, Thomas, estate (Digital Image). Harman, Rebecha, LWT (1830), transcription. Head, George W., LWT (1898) and (1956) (digitalImages0 Head, Peter estate)(digital image) Head, W. H. (1887) digital images) Joiner, Hiram P. Estate (Digital Image). Job Taylor deed to Eli B. Browning (Digital Image). Maps 1821 Monroe County Boundary Map 1822 Monroe County Map 1865 Monroe County Map 1915 Forsyth Map Marriages Monroe County Marriages 1824-1850 (transcription). Monroe County Index to Marriages 1824-1845 (from county) Monroe County Marriages from newspapers 1885-1886

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