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Friday, December 5, 2014

The Real Adventure Begins....

An exciting adventure began when your ancestor removed himself from another part of the world to put down roots in America.  It could have been when the States were mere colonies, or, later on, after the Revolutionary War was fought for independence.  There are many factors of history which play into the ancestor's adventure.  We can learn of these from researching our roots, examining genealogies, wills, estates, marriage records, bibles, obituaries, etc.  But it takes time and effort.  Well worth it, I must say.  Tracking our families is fun, and there is so much to learn about those to whom we are genetically linked.  The largest amount genealogy resources for the State of Georgia are found on Georgia Pioneers.  Old wills and estates may be viewed, downloaded or printed.  The actual copies of these documents help to round out your family albums with more interesting facts about all of the relatives. That is when the real adventure begins.

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