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Monday, November 17, 2014

Tattnall Co. GA Wills and Estates

Tattnall County Court House

Tattnall County Records

Twin Rivers Plantation Cedar Grove Baptist ChurchPictured is the Tattnall County Court House, Twin Rivers Plantation and Cedar Grove Baptist Church. Tattnall County was created from Montgomery County on Dec. 5, 1801 and was named for Josiah Tattnall, Jr. who gained popularity in helping to repeal the infamous Yazoo Act, later filling the term of U. S. Senator, James Jackson. Later, parts of Tattnall County were used to help create Toombs County (1905) and Candler and Evans counties (1914). The county seat is Reidsville.

Tattnall County Databases Available to Members of Georgia Pioneers

  • Index to Marriages 1806 to 1873
  • Marriages 1805 to 1838
  • Marriages 1831 to 1839
Indexes to Probate Records
  • Inferior Court Minutes 1867 to 1895
  • Annual Returns and Estates 1857 to 1884
Digital Images of Wills
  • Wills, Guardians, Administrations 1857-1862.
    This information was taken from the microfilm records of the Georgia State Archives and the copies are the best available. Testators: Adamson, Dr. Henry W., LWT
    Bell, Joseph J.
    Blaylock, L. M.
    Brewton, Nathan J., died intestate
    Burkhalter, Vaughn, deceased. Minors: John, Julia, Sarah, William, Vaughn, Cassey, Copey, Epsey and Clesy.
    Coleman, Wade W.
    Cowen, George, Franklin and Joseph L., minor orphans of James Cowen, deceased
    Floyd, William, Dilly, Stephen, Louisa, Albert and Martha Floyd, children of Lewis Floyd, deceased
    Green, Sarah, LWT
    Holland, Dicy, deceased
    Jones, Martha C., died intestate
    Kennedy, Henry, deceased
    Knight, James, died intestate
    Lawrence, James F. minor child of William H. Lawrence
    Lynn, Andrew W., Estate
    Lynn, Andrew W., orphans
    McCall, Charles W., nun-cupative LWT
    McNabb, Rama J.?, orphan of Archibald McNabb, deceased
    McNatt, Charles W., LWT
    Michael, James E., died intestate
    Odom, Jane and Henry Odom, orphans of Robert Odom, deceased
    Pymes, William, died intestate
    Rogers, Joseph T., died intestate
    Sharp, William M., nun-cupative LWT. Sons: John, Sulvan, Julian
    Smart, Frances, LWT
    Smith, Alexander L., died intestate
    Stafford, E., deceased
    Stafford, Elijah E. Stafford, LWT
    Strickland, Henry, Estate. Orphans: Charles, Patrick, Aaron F., George H., Dempsey W., Lewis C., Henry, William C.
    Strickland, James F., deceased
    Strickland, James S., died intestate
    Strickland, Martha, died intestate
    Stubbs, James S.
    Surrency, Samuel D., Martha, Virgil H., William H., Lincy, Ann Elizabeth, Emma, Jane, orphans
    Thompson, Lucretia, orphan of Richard Thompson, deceased
    Thompson, McDaniel, Margaret and Lucretia, minor orphans of Richard Thompson, deceased
    Thompson, Richard A., James H., Maning N. and Nancy Thompson, orphans of Thomas B. Thompson, deceased
    Thompson, Thomas B., died intestate
    Toole, Louise, minor orphan of William Toole, deceased
    Toole, William, nun-cupative LWT. Enoch, Simon, Martha, minors of William Toole. Waters, John W., died intestate. Minor orphan: John W. Waters
    Williams, William and Capel, minor orphan children of Frances Williams
    Youman, Jane, deceased. James Hines, guardian of Katherine A. C. Coward
  • Tattnall County 1811 Tax Digest.
  • Beard's Creek Church, Glenville, 1804 members.
  • Court Minutes 1853 to 1859
    Estates: Bruckhalter, Vaughan; Camron, Daniel ;Canady, Jimerson ;Clifton, Ezekiel ;Clifton, Levin ;Cobb, Horatio; Collins, George W. ;Collins, Joab ;Collins, Mary ;Copeland orphans ;Coulter, Isaac ;Coursey, William ;Coward, John ;Dasher, Joshua ;Dubberly, Joseph ;Dukes, Albert ;Dyess, John ;Edwards, John Sr. ;Floyd, John ;Graham, James L. ;Hammock, Elizabeth ;Hodges, Ann ;Hodges, Marianna ;Holland, Dempsey; Joyce, William ;Kennedy, Edward ;Kennedy, John ;Knight, Seth ;Lewis, Syntha ;Lynn, James; Lynn orphans ;Mattock, Georgia ;Mattock, Stephen Sr. ;Mattox minors; Mattox, Michael ;McCall, Francis ;McRae, Alexander ;McNabb, Archibald ;Mincey orphans ;Pittman, John ;Rewis, John ;Rogers, Joseph T. ;Rogers, Sarah ;Rogers, William ;Sanders, Barkam ;Sharpe, David ;Sharpe, John ;Sharpe minor ;Sharpe, Rebecca ;Smith, Joseph W. ;Spears, John ;Stafford, Ezekiel ;Stanfield orphan ;Strickland, A. B. and Rebecca ;Strickland, Allen ;Strickland, Gabriel ;Strickland, James A. ;Strickland, Robert ;Thompson orphans ;Todd, William ;Stubbs, Abner ;Underwood, James ;Waters, William ;Waters, minor of ;Williams, Anson ;Youman's orphans
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    7. (Graduates database from ca 1830 to 1925)
    8. (Digitized Wills in counties of: Carter 1794-1830; Jefferson 1802-1810;Johnson 1839-1900;Unicoi 1878-1887; Washington 1779-1800)
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