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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Origins of Quakers to Wrightsboro

A lot of people have confused the property location of Wrightsboro, Georgia. Some have even said that it was in South Carolina, but that is not so.  At the time that the migration began from the Carolinas (before 1780), the town was located in Richmond County. Shortly thereafter, it was situated in Columbia County, and today it is in McDuffie County.  The site is Thomson, Georgia. A major influx came from the Granville Meeting in North Carolina and you can find those names in Hinshaw's Encyclopedia of Quaker Genealogy. Also, the names are available to members of Georgia Pioneers  With the onset of the Revolutionary War, Quakers did not believe in fighting, so were sort of a downcast in society for awhile. The trek had been a long one, from England to Maryland during the 1660s, then meeting houses were spread into Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia. The records which were kept were tediously accurate and contained marriages, baptisms, births and deaths. Therefore, it behooves the genealogist to also research Hinshaw's books.

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