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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Tell Stories about Kin

Gather around the Christmas Tree and Tell Family Stories
This is the time of the year to share with your children and grandchildren meaningful stories of your relatives. Lest they forget. Despite what is happening in the US politics and the disdainment against christians, it is up to us to keep our traditions alive.  How often have you glanced at an old black-and-white photograph and wondered who that person was.  If it is in your possession, it is a member of your distant family.  But not too distance, because most of us knew our grandparents and great aunts and uncles, even if the memory has faded.  Photos are taken in all stages of life, so you might do a sketch of the unknown person, removing wrinkles, sags and time-lines.  Of course, we shall always add the name of the person to the back of the photo.  But this is something which most people ignore, mostly (I think) because umpteen pictures are taken of the children and kept by the parents until .... somehow .... these get lost.  How many photos do you have in your possession of yourself as a baby or child?  The family lives on in us all, not only genetically and physically, but help to identify who we are.  In olden days, one's family background was their honor card.  Now is a good time to provide this memory to the children.

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