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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Stories of Freedom must be told to the Children

It is our own history which reminds us how easily freedom slips away.  During the 1940's, as a child, I watched the news reels at the local movie theatre.  In those days, the reporters went into the battles and reported the news as it actually occurred.  No spin.  Since the great war, subsequent generations have been spoon fed a bunch of political garbage.  I'll tell you what I saw.  The Nazi's arresting jews, taking their properties and homes, putting them on trains, shipping to death camps and finally, the pictures of millions of skeletons.  In the beginning, the news reels showed apathetic people, allowing it to happen to them.  At first, they seemed to think, only the jews would be run out of town.  But as time went by, the faces were sad and afraid.  Who was next?  If you spoke out, you ended up in jail.  Today, I see it happening again, but in our own country!  I think that our ancestors understood (better than we) that freedom must be cherished and protected. That we cannot stand by and let this government threaten and arrest priests and dictate the politics.  The students in the schools and colleges of today are not taught the American Constitution, Bill of Rights or Declaration of Independence.  Nor do they have a background of the first battles fought to be free of repressive taxation and the bravery of our ancestors who sacrificed everything for it during the  Revolutionary War.  All for a reason.  They are left in ignorane for political reasons, so that the facts may be colored and spun.  This road is leading to communism.  Think about it. Yet we have the threads of freedom within our genes.  Our own ancestors fought the battles of freedom.  Can anyone (other than genealogists and historians) recount the stories of their ancestors? Tell the tales of why they came to America? The economy and future they suffered to build for us?  If there exists an ignorance of history, then it is repeated. That is what is happening today.

Since the schools fail to teach a true accounting of history, it is encumbant upon the genealogists and dedicated researchers in this country to remind our children of the path which our ancestors chose and of the battles they fought.  To instill in our children a sense of pride that our loins are full ofsomething good.  If the school children realize that their own kin fought in the Revolutionary War to make this country free, they would have a strong background to identify with. Genealogists bring out your photographs. Tell the family stories.  Now is the time.
freedom and that we are the essence of

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1 comment:

2020an said...

Love the 'Stories of Freedom'. I agree 100%. Everyone 'knows' the saying 'history repeats itself' but most people do not heed it or recognize the signs. . .just a few of us older folks who have more of a clue to how it's supposed to be!
austin, texas