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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Trail in Time

Okay, so you search the census records for your people. But then you run into the issue of census records from 1800 to 1840, where no one but the head of the household is listed and age ranges of children (and wife). There are umpteen "John Smith's". Which one is yours? So you calculate the number of children and ages ranges to see if anything fits. It never fits with any accuracy no matter how unusual the name. Next, we have the 1790 census which provides the head of the family, and number of males (and females) under and over 16 years of age.

Despite this frustration, there is an easier method of finding ancestors and that is the county records where they resided.  You can research county records from the present day down to ca 1607 in America.and search the parish registers in England back to about 1500.  Before that, everyone was catholic and the public does not appear to have access to the christenings, baptisms, deaths, etc. There are a number of European lineage books which can be researched, but the accuracy ends with the Domesday Book, a tax upon the peasants.

Therefore, American genealogists focus their efforts on the county records.  This is where the names of family members as well as other pertinent informatiion is discovered.  Deeds, Estates, Wills, Marriages, Receipts, Vouchers, Annual Returns....all of it is found in the county. Be certain that you explore every avenue, even tax records, digests, maps of land districts.  Here is where to find digital images of old wills, marriages, and other probate records on line: Georgia Pioneers  South Carolina Pioneers North Carolina Pioneers Kentucky Pioneers Virginia Pioneers

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