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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Searching Deed Records

Another must for genealogists to search is the old deed records in the county where the ancestor resided. Also, and note this, in surrounding counties because people's affairs stretched throughout certain communities. A lot of old deeds have been abstracted and published by genealogists. This is great and exactly what we need! However, when it gets ddown to it, you really need to view the deed itself. The reason is to better understand tthe neighborhood. The names of adjoining lines (neighbors) is important because at some ppoint you will want to try and zero in on the site of the old homestead, especially to llook for old graves. When you examine the recorded documents (by the clerk), view the hhandwriting and familarize yourself with the neighboring farms, notice whose original land grant it once was, somehow it all begins to come together. The understanding gained of the times as well as the affairs of your ancestor helps you to know the course and make decisions on the identify of other persons in the vicinity. In other words, you get to know your people.

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