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Monday, December 24, 2012

Clarke Family Bible

Clarke Family Bible submitted by Leslie Olejnik.

I am not really sure who I need to give copies of our Clarke Family Bible so I am just sending it to you in hopes you know what to do with it. You should know it's full of some great historical Georgia family's, as well as, Alabama, and South Carolina. (Clarke, Norwood, Glover, Hill, Lewis) I inherited the bible from my Grandmother who's name is Caroline Clarke Cogburn. The bible begins with MB Clarke who remains somewhat of a mystery to me. For example, what does the MB really stand for. I am thinking Major Benjamin Clarke but his gravestone in Newnan says Brantley???? I don't believe that is right since we have no other Brantley's in the family. I do know his mother was Charity Hardin Clarke but her husband is either Joseph or Edward G. Clarke. The book,"Coweta County Chronicles" names both men as MB's father in separate parts of the book. Maybe you can help me with this part.
I do know MB was an orphan requiring land in the 4th district during the land lottery of 1827. MB's son Joseph W. Clarke lived in the 5th district. Still. I would like to know more about MB's parents. One other thing I do know about his mother Charity Hardin Clarke is that when her husband (either Joseph or Edward G) died she married Isaac Whitaker (had two other wives) and later moved to Texas. Charity is with MB again as an old woman in South Carolina. MB seems to have a home base there and in Georgia due to the slave trading business I am sure. You have probably seen the historical photo in the National Achieves of a slave trade business on White Hall Street in DeKalb owned by the Clarke's.
The Newnan Historical Society is also interested in the bible because of the name's listed in it. I really had no idea of it's significance until I started looking up the names. For example, MB's first wife was named Frances Caroline Norwood . Her father Williamson Norwood was the second largest slave owner in South Carolina at the time of his death. I do also know that you can follow the Norwood' and Clarke's etc. through VA, SC, GA, AL and Texas.
I could go on and on but please let know your thoughts on the bible. -Leslie Olejnik

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