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Friday, November 2, 2012

Digital Images of Morgan County Wills

Morgan County Wills and Estates

Morgan County Court House. Morgan County was created from Baldwin County in 1807 by an Act of the General Assembly and was named after the very popular and famous Revolutionary War General and later Virginia Congressman, Daniel Morgan. Morgan was remembered for his rugged gallantry and for his victory over the British at Cowpens in 1781. The county set of Madison was named after President James Madison in 1808.

Morgan County Records Available to Members of Georgia Pioneers

Index to Morgan County Marriages 1821 to 1834
Index to Morgan County Marriages 1833 to 1854
Index to Morgan County Marriages 1821 to 1834
Index to Morgan County Marriages 1854 to 1879
Morgan County Wills
Morgan Co. Will Bk A, 1808-1815 (abstracts).
Morgan Co. Will Bk B, 1815-1830 (abstracts).
Index to Morgan County Will Book A, 1808-1815.
Index to Morgan County Will Book B, 1815-1830.
Index to Morgan County Will Book C, 1831-1866.
Index to Morgan County Will Book D, 1858-1899.
Index to Morgan County Estate Miscellaneous Records, 1808-1814.

Morgan County Will Book A, 1808-1815 (Digital Images of the following sills).
Allen, James.
Atkins, George Lee.
Bailey, William.
Banckston, Daniel.
Bryant, Patrick.
Buchanan, Joseph.
Carleton, Henry.
Davis, John.
Davis, Thomas.
Fielder, James.
Hamilton, Robert.
Hanson, Edmund.
Jones, John.
McMurray, William.
Mitchell, William.
Patillo, David.
Snellings, Peter.
Stroud, John.
Whatley, Elizabeth.
Wootan, Jeremiah.
Miscellaneous Wills and Estates
Dickson. M. Sr., LWT (1888).
Malcom, Gannaway, LWT transcript (1838).
Malcom, James Jr., LWT transcript (1834).
Malcom, James Sr., LWT transcript (1829).
McCoy, Ewell, LWT transcript (1847).
Coy, John, LWT, transcript (1831).
Smith, Charles, LWT (image) (1822).
Walker, Edmond, LWT (image) (1878).
Indexes to Probate Records
Index to Will Book A, 1808-1815
Index to Will Book B, 1815-1830
Index to Will Book C, 1831-1866
Index to Will Book D, 1858-1899
Index to Miscellaneous Records 1808-1814
Index to Annual Returns, Inventories, Receipts, Vouchers 1830 to 1858
Index to Miscellaneous Estates 1868 to 1882

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