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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Digital Images of Jasper County Wills

Jasper County Court House

Jasper County Records

Jasper County Court House. Jasper was first Old Randolph County. Jasper County was created in 1807 from Baldwin County and called Randolph County. The present-day Randolph County was created on December 20, 1828. Part of Jasper was given to Morgan in 1815 and part to Newton in 1821. The name was changed December 10, 1812 to Jasper County and named in honor of William Jasper, an officer in Colonel William Moultrie's Second South Carolina Infantry, 1775. The county seat is Monticello.

Baldwin, Butts, Putnam and Morgan County records should also be researched. The earliest settlers were: Seymour Byrom, Moses Duff, William Deal, Radford Ellis, Robert Estes, Ira Foreman, John Freeman, Stewart Owens, James Patrick, John Parks, William Vardeman and Joseph White.

Jasper County Records Available to Georgia Pioneers
  • Jackson County Cemeteries by Jeannette Holland Austin.
  • Index to Jasper county Wills, Appraisements, Bills of Sale, Annual Returns, 1813-1820.
  • Index to Jasper County Wills 1815-1820.
  • Index to Jasper County Wills, Appraisements, Bills of Sale, Annual Returns, 1797-1819.
  • Jasper County Wills, Appraisements, Bills of Sale, Annual Returns, Book C, 1797-1819 (Digital Images)
    Testators: Appling, Otho
    Bryers, Laurence
    Buis, John
    Butler, Thomas
    Chapman, Edmond
    Doggett, John
    Ellis, Radford
    Hadley, Thomas
    Heard, Thomas
    Hill, William
    Hills, Theophilus
    Huff, Thomas
    Jackson, John
    Jones, Hugh
    Lasseter, Charles
    Mapp, Jeremiah
    McMichel, William
    Messer, Joseph
    Moses, John
    Mullins, Timothy
    Nall, Nathan
    Paschal, Samuel
    Pinson, James
    Ramsey, Alexander
    Ray, Solomon
    Shuffield, Barnaby
    Weathersby, Owen
    White, Samuel
  • Jasper County Wills, Appraisements, Bills of Sale, Annual Returns, Book 9, 1828-1829 (digital Images)
    Testators, estates: Cornwell, Elijah
    Deadwilder, Eve
    Grimmett, Sarah
    Harris, James, minor
    Higginbotham, Jacob
    Holland, Lewis C., guardian of wife, Lavisa
    McDaniel, Yancey
    McMurray, John
    Meriwether, Thomas
    Purifoy, Arrington
  • Jasper County Wills, Appraisements, Bills of Sale, Annual Returns, Book 1, 1813 to 1817. (Digital Images) Testators, Estates:
    Fitzpatrick, William
    Ivie, Lott
    Laws, Martin
    Mayo, Nancy
    McAfee, Green
    McMichael, William
    Phillips, Isaac
    Powell, William
    Waits, John
    Wise, Barney
  • Jasper County Wills, Appraisements, Bills of Sale, Annual Returns, Book 2, 1813-1820. (Digital Images) Testators, Estates:
    Anthony, James
    Bass, Allen
    Brown, Leyman
    Bryers, Lowrance
    Bullard, Wiley
    Byrom, Seymour
    Cassels, John
    Cole, Rene
    Dennis, Jesse
    Estes, Robert
    Freeman, John
    Graham, James
    Greer, Aaron
    Hodge, William
    Kendrick, Shelldrake
    Lanier, William
    Lawson, William
    Lee, William
    McGehee, Edward
    McMichael, James
    Moffett, Thomas
    Morgan, John
    Morgan, M.
    Morris, John
    Parks, John
    Patrick, James
    Patrick, John
    Reeves, Jesse
    Reid, Nancy
    Richardson, Enoch
    Robinson, John
    Slappey, John
    Smith, Abraham
    Smith, Nathan
    Stean, Burton
    Sullivan, John
    Towns, Joel
    Whatley, Gennett
    White, Joseph
  • Jasper County Wills, Appraisements, Inventories, etc., Book 3 (1821 to 1823). (Digital Images) Testators, Estates:
    Darden, John
    Elliot, William
    Flowers, Edward
    Gardner, Etheldred
    Gray, Martha
    Harval, Mason
    Henderson, John
    Hodnett, Benjamin
    Johnson, Walter
    Lloyd, Edmund
    McLemore, Catherine
    McLemore, John
    McMichel, Zachariah
    Powell, Moses
    Robinson, Elizabeth
    Robinson, Thomas
    Rodgers, John
    Rodden, Abner
    Slaughter, Henry
    Smart, Francis
    Tucker, Thomas
  • Jasper County Wills, Appraisements, Inventories, etc., Book 4 (1822 to 1823) (Digital Images). Testators, estates:
    Boykin, Francis
    Compton, Pleasant
    Cole, Duke
    Dabney, Anderson
    Harral, James
    Higginbotham, Joseph
    Holloway, Jesse
    Johnson, William
    Lunsford, Leonard
    McDowell, William
    McLemore, Catherine
    Moseley, Henry
    Pickett, John
    Starnes, Elizabeth
    Taylor, Anna
    Ware, Henry
    Williamson, Isaac
    Wilson, Joseph
  • Jasper County Wills, Appraisements, Inventories, etc., Book 5 (1824 to 1833) (Digital Images)
    Benton, Jeremiah
    Brewer, J. E.
    Brown, Bartlett
    Collier, John
    Daniel, Levi
    Farley, James
    Farley, John
    Goolsby, John
    Hayes, James
    Mitchell, William
    Tinsley, Lucy
    Willis, Arthur
    Willson, John
  • Jasper County Wills, Appraisements, Bills of Sale, Annual Returns, Book 10, 1830-1839 (Digital Images)
    Testators: Abbott, Ezekiel
    Adams, David
    Adams, Jonathan
    Alexander, Adam
    Alexander, James, minor
    Armstrong, William
    Banks, John
    Beasley, Robert
    Bender, John
    Boswell, Henry
    Brooks, Walker
    Buchanan, James
    Bullard, James
    Bullard, Sarah
    Cargile, John
    Case, Wiley
    Clay, Jesse
    Coats, James
    Cox, Middleton, orphans of
    Cox, Sarah
    Dean, Thomas
    Digby, John
    Egrew, William
    Estes, Catherine
    Ezell, John
    Germain, William
    Glenn, Thornton
    Goode, Jesse
    Harvey, Zephaniah
    Holifield, Wiley
    Jenkins, Francis
    Knight, James
    Ledbetter, Henry
    Lloyd, John
    Malone, Sherod
    Mays, Abner
    McDaniel, Benjamin, orphans of
    McFall, Nancy
    McMichael, David
    Miller, William
    Montgomery, Benjamin
    Montgomery, David
    Morgan, Stokely
    Morris, John
    Payne, John
    Phillips, James
    Potts, Stephen
    Pou, James
    Ramey, Absalom
    Rivers, James
    Robey, Nathan
    Robey, Williamson
    Robinson, Cornelius
    Ross, James (75 pages)
    Rucker, Martin
    Sale, A.
    Sharp, James
    Smith, Abraham and Sarah
    Smith, Alexander
    Smith, Eliza
    Smith, Thomas
    Stokes, William
    Sturdivant, John
    Thompson, Hannah
    Turner, John
    Waldrop, Solomon
    Walker, Moses
    Welden, Isaac
    Whitaker, Ensign
    White, William
    Wilkins, David
    Wilkins, Drury
    Wilson, Archillus
    Wilson, Elijah
    Wilson, Sarah
    Winn, Franklin
    Wisdom, Francis
    Wooten, Elizabeth
  • Jasper County Marriage Book A (1808-1820).
  • Jasper County Marriage Book B (1811-1841).
Miscellaneous Wills & Estates
  • Holland, G. W., original papers, estate (image)
  • Holland, Henry Holland, original papers, estate (image)
  • Holland, James W. Holland, original papers, estate (image)
  • Holland, Jonas, original papers, estate (image)
  • Holland, Lawson S., original papers, estate (image)
  • Holland, Lewis C., original papers, estate (image)
  • Holland, L. P., original papers, estate (image)
  • Holland, Margaret, original papers, estate (image)
  • Holland, William T. Holland, original papers, estate (image)
  • Langham, James, LWT (1823) (Image)

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