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Friday, July 13, 2012

Digital Images of Haralson County, Georgia Wills

Haralson County Wills and Estates
Haralson County Court House
Haralson County Court House. Haralson County was created in 1856 from Carroll and Polk Counties. Early Settlers: Martin Ayers, S. D. Blackman, Dennis Bates, W. J. Crawford, W. H. Chaffee, Vinson Chandler, James Dunn, B. F. Edwards, Walter Foyer, E. F. Garrett, John Humphries, J. C. Jackson, Robert Kilgore, Joseph Little, E. D. E. Pollard, Logan Root, Thomas C. Smith, C. A. Upshaw and Z. T. Williams.

Records Available to Members of Georgia Pioneers
  • Index to Haralson County Will Book A (1865-1919).
  • Haralson County Marriages from newspapers (1885-1886).
  • Index to Haralson County Appraisements and Sale Bills (1884-1937).
  • Index to Haralson County Appraisements, Sale Bills, Inventories, Annual Returns (1865-1884).
  • Haralson County Wills (1865-1900), Digital Images of the original documents. Names of the Testators as follows"
    Aldridge, Patrick; Aldridge, William; Ayres, Martin; Bachus, James; Bates, Dennis; Bowling, David; Cagle, Benjamin; Crocket, Sarah; Daniel, S. L. M. C.; Davis, John; Edwards, B. F.; Fincher, G. W.; Ford, William ; Goldin, Nathan; Goldin, T. E.; Hamilton, John; Hilton, Amos;Holcombe, Reuben K.; Holcombe, Reuben; Holland, Fallon; Hudson, James; Jennings, William; Johnson, Thomas; Jordan, J. M.; Kilgore, Robert; Lathan, Henry ; Little, S. B.; McClung, S. B. L. J.; Newman, Ephraim; Posey, Sarah Melvin; Powell, Presley; Reid, Reuben; Smith, Lucretia; Summerville, Robert; Weatherby, Aaron; Weatherby, Sarah; Westbrooks, James; Whistenhunt, Benjamin, orphans of; Williams, W. N.; Williams, Wyatt; Wilson, Absalom; Woods, Abraham; Young, S. A. E. F.

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