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Friday, May 25, 2012

Taliaferro County, Georgia Wills


Taliaferro County Records

Taliferro County Court House
Taliaferro County Court House. Taliaferro (pronounced "Tol-i-ver") County was established in 1825 by an Act of the General Assembly and was taken from portions of Greene, Hancock, Oglethorpe, Warren, and Wilkes counties. It was named after Colonel Benjamin Taliaferro, Revolutionary War hero; served in the US House of Representatives from 1799 to 1802. Crawfordville is the county seat. Early Settlers: John Lightfoot, Benjamin Jones Sr., Henry Dewberry, David Lockett, Charles Beazley, Joel Terrell, John L. Bird, John Perkins, William Janes, General Aaron Gruer, Eli Hart, John Veazey.

Taliaferro County Records Available to Members of Georgia Pioneers
  • Taliaferro County Wills 1826-1866 (abstracts).
  • Taliaferro County Wills 1866-1922 (abstracts).
  • Taliaferro County Wills 1922-1949 (abstracts).
  • Taliaferro County Wills 1949-1956 (abstracts).
  • Index to Taliaferro County Inventories, Sales, Divisions, 1826-1834.
  • Index to Taliaferro County Wills, 1826-1866.
  • Roster of 1827 Militiamen of Taliaferro County.

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