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Monday, May 14, 2012

The archives continues to operate only two days a week. Another hardship is that they do not do inter-library loans like the State of Virginia. If you plan to attend, best to take a flash drive along to make faster copies. Also, please be warned that some of the court houses in Georgia have employees who not know what a will is. Nor do they know where the old records are stored. In Chatham County, they are stored at an off-site location and it takes 2-3 days to view your selection. Some counties have sent their oldest records to local historical societies. This is true of Franklin County. Cobb County has created an order system. You have to look up the names and request someone to bring (the book) to you. The oldest records begin well after the civil war and are tightly bound. The archives did not microfilm Cobb County. I have made numerous visits to Cobb court house with my camera but no matter how many times I try, good images cannot be obtained. Therefore, when you see the Cobb wills, that is the best available. Expect security checks. I am still adding images of wills to, however slow the process. There are 156 counties and each county has zillions of books, each book from 300 to 800 pages. I have added a number of indexes to probate records which should help you know if there is a record of your ancestor. Happy Hunting!

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