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Monday, March 12, 2012

Best Genealogy Blogs (free)

Free genealogy blogs...stay tuned!

LOST GENERATIONS This blog discusses Georgia ancestors, historical sites, research tips, updates posted to the website, and is available to everyone interested in ancestor research.

GENEALOGY-BOOKS - This blog offers your first choice of used and rare genealogy books as they become available. Also, ebooks (sent to your email) for $8 each.

KENTUCKY PIONEERS Provides updates of genealogies and records added to Kentucky Pioneers

SOUTH CAROLINA PIONEERS - Genealogy blog. South Carolina


NORTH CAROLINA PIONEERS New genealogies and records added to North Carolina Pioneers

VIRGINIA HISTORICAL TIDBITS  Things the ordinary person does not know about the history of Virginia

AMERICAN PIONEER SERIES  26 volumes of encyclopedic biographical and genealogical data (all States)

VIRGINIA PIONEERS Hundreds of genealogies and other records described in the blog. Price discounts.  Virginia

GEORGIA SCHOOL GRADUATES  New additions about a new and exciting website GA Graduates  The database of graduates dates from 1818 to 1925. Photos from newspapers, details about awards, names of grammar, high school, college, university, institutes.  Contribute a photograph of a graduate and some information, such as name, graduation date, name of school, etc. Old photos desired, but recent ones accepted.  No membership required. Free.

ATLANTA HISTORICAL TIDBITS  You will love this blog. All sorts of historical information about Atlanta that is unknown.

GEORGIA PROBATE RECORDS   Keep informed about additions of Georgia wills and estates added to
Georgia Pioneers - Helps the genealogist by providing the names in the wills in this blog.

SOUTH CAROLINA PROBATE RECORDS  This blog lists names of persons found in South Carolina's probate records (wills and estates).

OLDE WILLIAMSBURG - Historical information, photos.

JAMESTOWN ADVENTURERS Everybody loves this one.  Provides historical information about the members of the colony and other details.

OLD GEORGIA FAMILIES featured, with photos

OLD NORTH CAROLINA FAMILIES  North Carolina pioneer families featured, with photos.

Videos of your ancestors and historical places

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