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Friday, February 10, 2012

More Chatham County Records on Georgia

Chatham County Records available to members of Georgia Pioneers
Chatham Tax Digest for 1793 Digital Images
Index to Chatham Estate Inventories, etc. 1783-1788 Digital Images
Index to Chatham Estate Inventories, etc. 1794-1805 Digital Images
Index to Chatham Wills, Book A, 1775-1801 (image)
Index to Chatham Wills, Book B, 1777-1787 (image)

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Complete Card Index Files (typed) of All Wills, Estates, etc. in Chatham County for Specific Surnames have been added to Georgia Pioneers This is an excellent resource for locating the many, many estate records and references in Chatham County. All of the index file in the Chatham County Court House has been filmed, from A to Z and is available on this website. This reference is a boom to those researching Chatham County, and should be examined first because it contains so much information, viz: what Country (or other State) they came from, date of birth, date of death, names of other heirs. All of Chatham County records have been preserved and thus are extensive. The old records have been placed in storage in a separate location and to examine them one must order them sent to the court house in advance.
Index to Chatham County Wills and Estates, Surnames A to Z (1733 to 1838)

Chatham County Marriages from newspapers 1886-1887
Map of Chatham County
Map of the Savannah River Plantations
Origins of Early Chatham County Residents from the Notes of Jeannette Holland Austin
1898 City Directory of Savannah
1899 City Directory of Savannah

Miscellaneous Court House Documents (Digital Images) BROWN. Ann Brown, administratrix of Estate of James Brown, deceased (1799 Letters of Administration
COPP. Letters of Administration of Mary and Dr. James Brown, exrs LWT of John Copp of Savannah
CROP. Inventory of Estate of John Crop (1796)
DELANNOY. Last Will and Testament of John D. Delannoy, 1876.
GRAHAM, John, Esq., Inventory of Slaves (image),Loyalist Claim in Great Britian 1774-1784
GWINNETT, Ann, LWT (1785) (image) of Charleston
McLEAN, John, Transcript of LWT (1775)
NORMENT. Deed of William and Elizabeth Norment to Slaughter Cowling 25 June 1795
SHEFTALL, Levi, LWT (1725), image of original document

-See Names (Testators) in the following will books. The wills and other original documents have been digitized (Digital Images of original documents) are available on this website.

Index of Names in Chatham County Will Bk 1777-1787
Index of Names in Chatham County Will Bk D 1788-1791
Index of Names in Will Book E 1791-1801
Index of Names in Chatham County Will Bk F 1801-1807
Index of Names in Chatham County Will Bk G 1807-1817
Index of Names in Chatham County Will Bk H 1817-1827
Index of Names in Chatham County Will Bk I 1827-1840
Index of Names in Chatham County Will Bk L 1850-1862
Index of Chatham County Superior Court Records for 1804

Colonial Records
Savannah Residents of 1738.
Savannah Town Assistants.
Savannah Bailiffs Officers.
Savannah Baptisms 1735-1738.
Martyn's Map of Savannah.
Savannah Conservators of the Peace.
Savannah Town Constables.
Savannah Malcontents of 1738.
Savannah Store Keepers.
Savannah Town Lots, 1745-7,1756.
Savannah Lots Yamacraw Bluff, 1760.
1759 Savannah Wharf Lots, 1759.

Button Gwinnett's Last Will and Testament....a digital images of the Original document is found on Georgia Pioneers

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