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Friday, January 6, 2012

Jefferson County Wills and Estates on Georgia

Records Available to Members of Georgia Pioneers •Index to Jefferson County Will Book A.
•Index to Wills Jefferson County Wills (1796-1887).
•Index to Jefferson County Will Book 3 (1864-1884).
•Index to Jefferson County Annual Returns (1815-1827).
•Jefferson County Wills 1777-1893 (abstracts).
•Abstracts of Jefferson County Deeds 1797-1799.
•Causey, Elizabeth LWT (1832).
•Livingston, Joseph M., LWT (1872).
•Livingston, Joseph, receipt.
•Livingston, William, deceased, estate of (1843).
•Wimberly, Martha A., minor.
•Wright, Nancy, deceased, estate of.
•Marriages from Jefferson County newspapers 1885-1886.
•Jefferson County Marriage Contracts found in Deeds and Other Documents.
•Jefferson County Grand Jurors of 1797
•Jefferson County Petit Jurors of 1799

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