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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Digital Images of Hancock County Probate Records, Vol. I on Georgia

The following estates and wills of Hancock County are available to Members of Georgia Pioneers

Hancock County Wills, Inventories, Returns, Guardianships, Sales, etc. Book I 1815 to 1818 (digital images)
Testators: Alford, Kinchen, Barnes, William, Bonner, Alexander, Boswell, Charity, Bynum, Byre, Daniell, James, Dennis, Daniel, Duke, Buckner, Easter, James, Evans, Stephen, Ezell, Jesse, Fort, Arthur, Foster, Philemon, Harrison, James, Harwell, Isham, Holsey, James, Johnson, John, Lassiter, Willis, Lewis, Sterling, Nolley, Richmond, Parham, Robert, Peek, John C., Sr., Peterson, John, Pike, Joseph, Pritchet, Philip, Rabun, John, Roe, Sarah, Ross, Francis, Sanders, Mark, Saunders, William, Simms, Robert, Stonum, Bryan, Thorp, Joseph, Thweatt, James, Tyres, Joshua, Wallace, John Sr., Waller, James,

Index to Hancock Countu Wills 1862 to 1881

Miscellaneous Wills (digital images)
Butler, Edmond LWT (1801)
Danielly, Arthur, deed (digital image)
Danielly, John, deed (digital image)
Harris, Absalom, LWT (1818), transcription
Holland, Benjamin, deed (digital image)
Rudisell, Henry, LWT (1807), transcription
Rudisell, John, LWT (1850), transcription
Rudisell, John, LWT (1804), transcription
Hancock County Marriages from newspapers 1885-1886
Origins of Early Settlers

More to come....

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