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Thursday, January 5, 2012

DeKalb County Records on Georgia

DeKalb County Records Available to Members of Georgia Pioneers

•DeKalb County Wills & Estates 1841-1869
•DeKalb County Wills & Estates 1870-1889
•DeKalb County Wills & Estates 1890-1919
•DeKalb County Appr. & Returns 1852-1858
•Index to DeKalb County Deed Book L 1846-1852
•Index to DeKalb County Deed Book M 1850-1853
•DeKalb County County Marriages 1885-1886 from newspapers
•Map of DeKalb County County
Miscellaneous Estates, etc.

•Adair, William, deed dated 1849
•Collier, John, Annual Return of Estate
•Evans, John, deed dated 1850
•Jordan, Solomon, deed dated 1851
•Leitch, Arthur, Estate
•Perkinson, Dempsey, LWT (1876)
•Plaster, Benjamin, Sr.
•Smith, David, LWT (1853)
•Spain, William S., Inventory and Appraisement of Estate.
•Sprayberry, Benjamin, LWT (1848).
•Sprayberry, Brice, LWT (1876).
•Sprayberry, W. H. E., LWT (1911).
•Waits, Sarah, LWT (1869)
DeKalb County Probate Records by Jeannette Holland Austin is included in the above records.
Utoy Baptist Church, Ft. McPherson, Georgia (members)

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