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Monday, December 26, 2011

Digital images of Georgia Wills and Estates

During 2012 we plan to continue digitizing old Georgia wills and estates for most all of the 156 counties. Thus far, we have either the first will book digitized for every county or abstracts of wills.
The index to most wills, inventories, estates up to about 1900 is already provided.  In some instances, we have filmed the General Index to every record in the county which is very helpful to researchers in knowing whether or not their ancestors were there at any given time period.  And, of course, whether or not to spend the time researching that county's records. When doing research, one must search all of the estate indexes, looking for wills, inventories, receipts, annual returns, etc. because these records contain the "genealogy goodies". Our work project for 2012 includes digitizing the second will book for every county.  The project itself is monumental, as these books are quite thick (300 to 800 pages) and require a great deal of time and effort to acquire them, then put them onto the website.  Thank you for your patience in sticking it out with us while we perform this work.  Meanwhile, in appreciation, we periodically offer you really low subscription rates. Ultimately, we hope to save you the effort of making a trip to the Georgia State Archives (which is only open 2 days a week due to budget cuts) altogether.

Save yourself some hassle in going to the Georgia State Archives (only open 2 days a week) and view original wills, estates, genealogies and other documents online at Georgia