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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Digital Images of Chatham County Wills 1777 to 1787 on Georgia

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Many brave and patriotic citizens of Savannah helped to build an amazing economy, even before the Revolutionary War. Their wills and estates have been preserved and are digitized on Georgia Pioneers

Here are the names of the testators in Chatham County Will Book B (1777-1787)
Allman, Philip
Ardis, Mathias
Anderson, John
Baillou, James
Bard, Peter
Ballew, Elizabeth
Bell, John
Bourquin, Henry
Bowen, Samuel
Bowles, John
Brown, John
Bulloch, Archibald
Cater, John
Christopher, Jacob
Clark, Henry
Cuthbert, George
Darthingan, John
Davies, Edward
Dawson, Mary
Dawson, Thomas
Delegal, George
Devaux, James
Dizee, James
Ewen, Margaret
Ewen, William
Farley, Benjamin
Ferguson, John
Fincher, William
Fox, Ann
Fox, John Sr.
Fox, Joseph
Fox, Richard
Fox, William Sr.
Germain, Priscilla
Gibbons, William
Girardeau, John Bohun
Griffin, Matthew
Growley, John
Guion, Richard
Gwinnett, Button
Harbeck, Michael
Harris, Francis Henry
Houstoun, Sir Patrick
Howler, Richard
Janson, James
Jones, Noble
Kieffer, David
Larkin, Edward
Lea, Thomas
Lewis, Alex
Lewis, Frances
Lloyd, Rebecca
Macfarlane, Susan
Mackay, James
Martin, John
Matthias, John
Maxwell, James
McClean, Andrew
McIntosh, John
Morgan, Thomas
Mullryne, Charles
Nelson, Malcolm
Nunager, Henry
Owens, William
Palmer, George
Papot, James
Parker, Ann
Preston, Charles
Preston, Henry
Pryce, Charles Jr.
Rabenhorst, Ann Barbara
Rae, John
Raynes, Joseph
Readick, Peter
Remetefler, John Matthias
Remshard, Johannes
Remshardt, John
Robe, Frances
Rolfe, Frederick
Ross, William
Rush, Joseph Jr.
Savage, Thomas
Scaf?, Granger
Simmons, John
Simpson, Winifred
Sisfritz, George
Smith, John (in 5 parts)
Sommerville, Jane
Steadwick, Alexander
Stirk, John
Stone, Elizabeth
Thompson, William
Threadcraft, George
Tondee, Peter
Turner, Lewis
Walker, Charles
Wells, Andrew Elton
Whelock, Thomas
Wylly, William
Young, Isaac
Young, William

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Digital Images of County Wills

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