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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Clarke County, Georgia Wills, Estates, Marriages on Georgia

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•Clarke Wills 1803-1822 (abstracts).
•Clarke Wills 1822-1842 (abstracts).
•Clarke County Wills 1842-1859 (digital images).
Names: Akeridge, Ezekiel,Barber, James,Baxter, Thomas,Beardin, Aaron, Branch, Dicey,Burnett, Caroline,Camak, James,Carter, William,Cros, Aaron,Daniell, Josiah,Edwards, Solomon,Espy, John,Greer, Thomas, Hales, Willis,Huff, Henry,Jackson, Stephen,Jennings, James,Jones, William,King, Sarah,Mayne, John,Newton, Catharine,Oliver, John Sr., Payne, Edward,Pittard, Humphrey,Pope, Mary,Price, Elizabeth,Stroud, Martha,Tinney, Elizabeth,Wells, Sarah,Williams, William,Williamson, Sarah.

•Index to Clarke County Will Book A, 1803-1822.
•Index to Clarke County Will Book B, 1822-1842.
•Index to Clarke County Will Book C, 1842-1859.
•Index to Clarke County Will Book D, 1859-1885.
•Index to Clarke County Will Book E, 1885-1911.
•Index to Clarke County Ordinary Records, estates (no date).
•Index to Clarke County Unbound Estates, 1797-1949.
•Index to Clarke County Mixed Estates, 1799-1819.
•Index to Clarke County Mixed Estates, 1807-1818.
•Index to Clarke County Mixed Estates, 1815-1827.
•Index to Clarke County Mixed Estates, 1827-1830.
•Index to Clarke County Deed Book A, 1802-1804.
•Clarke County 1805 Tax Digest.
•Finch, William, LWT (1811).
•Hagin, Edward, Appraisement, Sale, etc. (1805), Bk 1799-1819, pp. 373-377.
•Hagin, Edward, deed (1802).
•James Hagins, Estate.
•Clarke County Marriages 1807 to 1820
•Clarke County Marriages from newspapers 1885-1886.

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Digital Images of County Wills

Save yourself some hassle in going to the Georgia State Archives (only open 2 days a week) and view original wills, estates, genealogies and other documents online at Georgia