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Monday, November 21, 2011

Nancy Hanks Railroad

Nancy HanksThe Story of the Nancy Hanks by Jeannette Holland Austin....The Nancy Hanks was a passenger train of the Central of Georgia Railroad whose route was between Savannah and Atlanta and weighed 187,100 pounds. The comfortable coach with grill service was named after a race horse (which had been named for Abraham Lincoln's mother). In 1893 it advertised that you could have dinner on the coach. Its first trip was on Jul 17 1947 and the last one was April 30 1971 when the terminal railway station in Atlanta was demolished. I personally remember the terminal station because my grandmother caught a train from her home in Dallas, Georgia to go shopping in Atlanta. It was a huge structure of cement and marble, certainly on a grand scale. Robert Reid, aged 34 years of age (1893), resident of Atlanta. John Ramsey worked first for the Pennsylvania Railroad 1888-1889.
Captain William H. Beebee, conductor, resident of Guyton, Georgia.

Source: The Atlanta Journal 1893.

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