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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Monroe County, Georgia Wills and estates

Monroe County Records available to members of Georgia Pioneers

Monroe County Wills 1824-1847 (abstracts).

Monroe County Wills 1848-1875 (abstracts).
Monroe County Wills 1868-1878 (abstracts).
Monroe County Wills 1876-1927 (abstracts).
Index to Monroe County Miscellaneous Estates 1861-1869.
Index to Monroe County Annual Returns, 1823-1858.
Elizabeth Browning deed to Marcus Culpepper (Digital Image).
Chambliss, John, LWT (1879) (Digital Image).
Chambless, Thomas, Guardian of Charles J. Chambless (Digital Image).
Chambliss, Zachariah, LWT (1874) (Digital Image).
Ethridge, E. N., Estate, Z. H. Chambless, executor (Digital Image).
Evans, Elizabeth, estate (Digital Image).
Evans, Thomas, estate (Digital Image).
Harman, Rebecha, LWT (1830), transcription.
Joiner, Hiram P. Estate (Digital Image).
Job Taylor deed to Eli B. Browning (Digital Image).
Monroe County Marriages 1824-1850.
Monroe County Marriages from newspapers 1885-1886.

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