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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Videos can help Genealogists

Searching old records is one thing, but seeing the actual farm house, plantation and photographs of your ancestors is much preferred. It helps you to visualize how things were in those days. Oh, if only we had the old photos of our grandparents! Well, I am a collector of items of interest to family history researchers, particularly of old photographs of people, graveyards, houses, farms, etc. Granted, I cannot collect everything, but occasionally someone contacts me who has seen "some" of the ancestor photos under Remember me and praises me for having a photo of their ancestor. This is thrilling for me. Presently, I am in the process of making videos from my collection and putting them on the following websites:

Georgia Pioneers

North Carolina Pioneers

Kentucky Pioneers

South Carolina


For the most part, the videos are part of the "genealogies" only available to members. However, there are many videos for public consumption too. Simply go to the homepage and click on "videos".

P. S. - I have written over 100 books on genealogical research and family histories and I am an avid lover of history. My websites contain information not found elsewhere over the internet; everything is from my private tracings and collections. Jeannette Holland Austin

Become a member of Georgia Pioneers and view original documents and genealogies

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