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Monday, February 28, 2011

Wilkes County Wills and Estates

Wilkes County Records available to Members of Georgia Pioneers

General Index to Wilkes County Estates, A-G.

General Index to Wilkes County Estates, H-L.
General Index to Wilkes County Estates, M-Q.
General Index to Wilkes County Estates, R-Z.
Wilkes County Wills, Bk C, 1786-1806 (Digital Images).

Index to Wilkes County Wills, Bk C, 1786-1806: Bailey, George; Bowen, John; Cochran, Samuel; Cochran, Samuel (2); Daniel, William; Ellis, Solomon; Evans, Susannah; Gibson, Walter; Gooden, William; Gray, James; Heard, John; Lunceford, William; Marks, John; Mathis, William; Montgomery, David; Rasberry, William; Rice, Nathaniel G.; Smith, John; Tatum, Peter; Thomas, Philip; Zimmerman, Bernard

Wilkes County Marriages from newspapers 1885-1886.
Map of Wilkes County, 1955.
Map of Original Wilkes County.
Map of Wilkes County Settlers.
Origins of Early Settlers to Wilkes County
Members of Sardis Church Members in 1805.

Miscellaneous Wills & Estates (digital images)

Anthony, Joseph, Estate (1815) of.
Arnold, Moses, Estate (1810) of.
Favor, Henry, guardianship of.
Favor, John, Sr., Estate (1833) (Image).
Favor, John, Estate (1850) (Image).
Favor, John, Inventory (1818).
Favor, John, Estate (1818) (Image).
Favor, Matthew, Bond for Estate of John Favor Sr., 1829 (Image).
Favor, Sanders, Guardians of (1819).
Keith, George W., Annual Return for the minor children of William A. Keith, deceased, 1850 (Image).
Marks, John, estate (image) (1800).
McLane, John, LWT, Bk 1792-1801, pp. 115-117.
McLane, Mariney, LWT, Bk 1792-1801, pp. 240.

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