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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Digital Images of Crawford County Wills

Records Available to Members of Georgia Pioneers

Index to Crawford County Will Book A (1835-1857)
Index to Crawford County Will Book B (1852-1894)
Index to Crawford County Bonds, Book 2 (1874-1898)
Index to Crawford County Inventories and Appraisements (1836-1837)
Crawford County Marriages from newspapers 1885-1886

Crawford County Wills (1835-1852); digital images
Ammons, Stephen
Ansley, Marlin
Armstrong, William
Barnes, Littleton
Beasley, David
Bradford, Nathaniel
Bray, John
Brown, David Causey, Lemon M. LWT (1859)
Causey, Lemon M. LWT (1849)

Cleveland, William
Collier, Benjamin
Commander, Samuel
Culpepper, Daniel
Davis, John
Dennis, Isaac, Sr.
Dennis, Samuel
Drew, Jesse
Fudge, Elizabeth
Fudge, Jacob
Futrill, Abraham
Griffin, Daniel
Griffin, Rebecca
Hail, James
Hall, Robert
Hammock, Mary
Hannon, Henry
Harris, James
Hicks, Robert
Hobs, Daniel
Holloman, Zachariah
Hunter, Nathaniel
Janus, John
Johnson, William
Jordan, John
King, John
May, James
Mobly, Lewis
Moran, Jesse
Morris, Benjamin
Patterson, William
Preston, David
Reese, Reuben
Rowel, William
Rushing, Peter
Sawyer, Lewis
Simmons, Catharine
Smith, Anthony
Stone, Erastus
Terrell, David
Walker, Margaret
Watkins, Wright
White, Sharrard
Williams, John
Wright, James Wright, Robert

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