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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Want to Know Where Your Ancestors Attended School?

It is possible to learn where your relatifes attended school in Georgia. This is possible by searching old newspapers. Graduations, commencements and announcements were published during the latter part of May, all of June and part of July. This knowledge will help narrow down the tedious research through lengthy, rambling newspapers. Don't forget the society column as this is where group events and individual student photographs are featured. Good news for Georgia. The old newspapers have been researched throughout the State from 1818 to ca 1925 and are posted on GA Graduates The site is absolutely free and you may add your graduation photos and information to the Wiki If you add your graduation photo to the wiki, someday a relative will come along and discover it and be thrilled. Just think, google a name, and find a photograph!

Top Left: Ida Collins of Cobb County

 I found my mother's school graduation classes from 1917 to 1923! But the creme de' la creme was finding my great aunt's graduation photo in 1900. The picture of her as a young, unmarried girl was compared to an older version; also the age fit the scenario, as she would have been 15 years old in 1879. Such discoveries helps to add flavor to the family history.

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