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Friday, August 6, 2010

Haralson County Wills Added (Images of Original Documents)

The following records have been added to Georgia Pioneers and are available to members.

Index to Haralson County Will Book A (1865-1919).
Haralson County Marriages from newspapers (1885-1886).
Index to Haralson County Appraisements and Sale Bills (1884-1937).
Index to Haralson County Appraisements, Sale Bills, Inventories, Annual Returns (1865-1884).

Haralson County Wills (1865-1900), Digital Images of the original documents. Names of the Testators as follows"
Aldridge, Patrick; Aldridge, William; Ayres, Martin; Bachus, James; Bates, Dennis; Bowling, David; Cagle, Benjamin; Crocket, Sarah; Daniel, S. L. M. C.; Davis, John; Edwards, B. F.; Fincher, G. W.; Ford, William ; Goldin, Nathan; Goldin, T. E.; Hamilton, John; Hilton, Amos;Holcombe, Reuben K.; Holcombe, Reuben; Holland, Fallon; Hudson, James; Jennings, William; Johnson, Thomas; Jordan, J. M.; Kilgore, Robert; Lathan, Henry ; Little, S. B.; McClung, S. B. L. J.; Newman, Ephraim; Posey, Sarah Melvin; Powell, Presley; Reid, Reuben; Smith, Lucretia; Summerville, Robert; Weatherby, Aaron; Weatherby, Sarah; Westbrooks, James; Whistenhunt, Benjamin, orphans of; Williams, W. N.; Williams, Wyatt; Wilson, Absalom; Woods, Abraham; Young, S. A. E. F.

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