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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Augusta, an old Trading Post

Augusta had trading posts long before General Oglethorpe colonized Georgia on 1833. Indian villages located around the Savannah River into South Carolina. Charleston was a thriving colonial city and many South Carolinians traded with the Indians. There were a number of white traders around Augusta. One becomes familiar with their names on the papers of William Hawkins, Indian Agent. White traders took squaws for wives. In the case of Mary Musgrove, Indian princess interpreter for Oglethorpe, she spoke good English and married a white settler, John Musgrove. When he died she married white trader and finally Rev.Bosomworth. As the towns grew and more white women came, the squaw wives were frowned on. You might find a marriage or two recorded in the records, but generally the clergy did not perform marriages to Indians. Except for the applications filed by blood kin (for land) about 1900 to the Dawes Commission, legend is all that we have.

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