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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Used History and Genealogy Books for Sale

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Civil War Books

The Civil War Chronicles by J. Maurice Gallman, 544 pp., hardbound, jacket, Crown Publishers (2000), like new. - $25.00

Eye of The Storm by Private Robert Knox Sneden, hardbound, jacket, 329 pp., like new. - $20.00

How the North Won by Herman Hattaway and Arthur Jones, hardbound, jacket, 761 pp. - $30.00

Civil War Battlefields and Landmarks by Frank E. Vandiver, hardbound, jacket, 160 pp., like new - $20.00

The Civil War Dictionary, hardbound, jacket, 974 pp. - $30.00

The Army of the Potomac: A Stillness at Appomattox by Bruce Catton, Doubleday and Company (1953), hardbound, jacket, 438 pp. - $20.00

War So Terrible. Sherman and Atlanta by James Lee McDonough and James Pickett Jones, hardbound, jacket, like new. (1987), 385 pp. - $22.00

Economic History of Virginia in the Seventeenth Century by Philip Alexander Bruce Volume II (1935), hardbound, 647 pp., good condition - $30.00


Early American Gravestone Art in Photographs, 200 Outstanding Examples by Francis Y. Duval and Ivan B. Rigby, 8x10, paperbound, 133 pp. - $14.00

Who's Who in the South and Southwest, 17th edition, 1980-1981, hardbound, 863 pp., 11x12 - $35.00

Who's Who in the South and Southwest, 1988-1989, hardbound, 810 pp., 11x12 - $35.00

Forever Dixie. A field guide to Southern Cemeteries and Their Residents, paperbound, by Douglas Keister, 255 pp. Like new. $12.00

How to Trace Your Roots by Playle, paperbound, 32 pp.    Price: $5.00

 Alabama Bible Records by Jeannette Holland Austin, 10x11, hardbound, indexed, 169 pp., good condition. (1987), signed by author, original first printing.      Price: $25.00
Boston Marriages 1700-1809, 2 volumes, paperbound by Edward W. McGlenen, Clearfield Co., like new.       Price: $35.00

 A Gazetteer of the State of New-Hampshire by Moore, published by Heritage Books. Originally published in 1823. 7x9, paperbound, 299 pp.       Price: $12.00

Irish Records. Sources for Family and Local History by Ryan, 12x12, hardbound, jacket, (1997), like new. 668 pp.      Price: 49.95

The Famine Immigrants (1846-1851), Volume 3, 4, 5, 6, hardbound, good condition, $25.00 per volume.

Colonial Families by McKenzie, hardbound, good condition, 7 volumes. The Set: $300.00

New York Genealogical Research by George K. Schweitzer, Ph.D, paperbound (1988), 254 pp. Price: $8.00

Genealogical Research, Vol. II, American Society of Genealogists (1983), revised, 372 pp., hardbound. $8.00

Cavaliers and Pioneers by Nugent, 1690-92, Northern Neck, paperbound, 17 pp. $5.00


Inventory of the County and Town Archives of Georgia. No. 17. Cook County by the Georgia Historical Society, 8x10, paperbound, 114 pp. - $11.00

Behind Those Garden Walls in Historic Savannah, paperbound, 8x11, 80 pp., photos of the gardens and layouts. - $11.00

Index to Georgia Poor-School and Academy Records, 1826-1850 by the Taylor Foundation, 8x10 paperbound, 68 pp. This index covers Baldwin, Bibb, Bryan, Bulloch, Burke, Butts, DeKalb, Gilmer, Gwinnett, Habersham, Hanockc, Heard, Henry, Jackson, Jasper, Jones, Lee, Lincoln, Madison, Monroe, Muscogee, Rabun, Upson, Ware, Warren, Washington, Wayne, Wilkes and Wilkinson Counties. - $9.00

The First One Hundred Years of Town Planning in Georgia by Joan Niles Sears, hardbound, 220 pp. $11.00

The Jones Family Papers 1760-1810. Noble Jones and Noble Wimberly Jones family letters, etc., published by Savannah, The Society (1976), paper, 72 pp., 5x7 - $8.00

Entry of Claims for Georgia Landowners, 1733-1755, printed Atlanta (1975), paperbound, 8x10, 254 pp. Cover yellow. - $35.00

An Index to English Crown Grants in Georgia 1755-1775 published by R. J. Taylor Foundation, 8x10, paperbound, 167 pp. - $24.00

Index to Probate Records of Colonial Georgia 1733-1778, published by R. J. Taylor Foundation, 8x10, paperbound, 106 pp. - $24.00

Court Houses in Georgia (1825-1983), published by The Harrison Company, Norcross (1984), first edition, hardbound, 8x10, 216 pp. plus index, black and white photos. - $18.00

Collections of the Georgia Historical Society, Vol. XI, Miscellaneous Papers of James Jackson (1781-1798); correspondence regarding the Revolutionary War, hardbound, 109 pp. - $11.00

Department of Mines, Mining and Geology in Northwest, Georgia, published 1948 in cooperation with the Tennessee Valley Authority; geological maps and surveys.176 pp., paperbound, aged.

The USS Water Witch, founded 1839, Savannah. Apparently captured during the Civil War; includes newspaper clippings, etc., published by the Georgia Historical Society (1974), 69 pp., paperbound - $9.00

From Stage Coaches to Train Whistles. History of Gum Pond, Mt. Enon, Baconton, in Mitchell County, GA 1856 to 1976 by Mildred Jackson Colle, hardbound, 346 pp. - $22.00

1800 Census of Oglethorpe Co., GA; 28 pp., paperbound - $7.00

Atlanta 1847-1890, City Building in the Old South and the New by James Michael Russell, hardbound, jacket, 314 pp., like new. - $25.00

199 Years of Augusta's Library (Georgia), A Chronology by Berry Fleming (1949, University of Georgia Press, hardbound, 85 pp. - $9.00

Antebellum Athens and Clarke County Georgia by Ernest Hynds, hardbound, jacket, 196 pp., University of Georgia Press (1974) - 18.00

The Diary of Emma LeConte, hardbound, 5x7, 124 pp., kept during the last months of the Confederacy.  Exciting - $10.00

Post of Honor. The Pryor Letters, 1861-63 by Charles R. Adams (signed by the author). A story of the Pryor family and Capt. S. G. Pryor, commander of the 1st Battn. of Sharpshooters (1863, near Fredericksburg), hardbound, 456 pp.  - $15.00

Historical Account of Meriwether County (Georgia) 1827-1924 by Regina Pinkston, hardbound, indexed, 448 pages - $30.00

Historic Lott Cemetery, Waycross, Georgia, 8x10, 414 pp., hardbound, like new - $25.00

1860 Paulding County, Georgia Census (abstracted) by Jeannette Holland Austin, Willow Bend Books (2000), like new.     Price: $9.00.

The Creation of Modern Georgia by Bartley, hardbound, 279 pp. $18.00

Georgia Historical Quarterly Index, Volumes I-LX, 1917-1976, hardbound, vol one, 704 pp. $25.00

Fayette County, Georgia Probate Records 1824-1871 by Jeannette Holland Austin. Abstracts of court house records, 383 pp., hardbound, like new.  Price: $15.00
Darien by Spencer B. King, Jr., The Death and Rebirth of a Southern Town, hardbound with jacket. Mercer University Press (1981).     Price: $8.00

      All of the Quarterlies (listed below) - $50.00
      Georgia Genealogical Society Quarterly

         1. Vol. 37, No. 4
         2. Vol. 38, Nos. 1-4
         3. Vol. 39, Nos. 1-4
         4. Vol 40, Nos. 1-4
         5. Vol. 41, Nos. 1-4
         6. Vol. 42, Nos. Vols. 1, 2 and 3
         7. Vol. 43, Nos. Vols. 1, 2
         8. Vol. 44, Nos. 2, 3 and 4
         9. Vol. 45, Nos. 1-4

Alabama Quarterlies

   1. Northeast Alabama Settlers, Vol. XXVI, No. 1
   2. Tap Roots, The Genealogical Society of East Alabama, Vol. 33, 1, 3 and 4

      Georgia Settlers, East Georgia Genealogical Society

         1. Vol. 1, No. 3
         2. Vol. 2, Nos. 1, 3 and 4
         3. Vol. 3, Nos. 1-4
         4. Vol. 4, No. 1

      Family Tree Quarterly, Cobb County Genealogical Society
         1. Vol. 1, Nos. 1-4
         2. Vol. 13, No. 3
         3. Vol.15, Nos. 1-2

            Bartow County Genealogical Society, Vol. 3, No. 3

            Central of Georgia Quarterly, Vol. 28, No. 2

            North Carolina Genealogical Society Journal

                * Vol. XXX, Nos. 1-4
                * Vol. XXXI, Nos. 1-3

                Rare Books Collection

            Most of these books are very old and fragile and cannot ever be acquired except from an individual like myself. I have been collecting rare books for many years; the condition of the oldest books is fragile, with some covers torn, loose spine, etc.

                * Letters from a Self-Made Merchant to his Son by George Horace Lorimer, hardbound, 5x7 published 1905 by Small, Maynard & Company, 312 pp., good condition, except cover is faded.                Price: $8.00

                 * Great Palaces of Europe, 12x12, hardbound (1965), 288 pp. Beautiful photographs.
                  Price: $10.00

                * It's A Changing World, 1995 yearbook of St. Thomas Moore school, Ponce de Leon Avenue, Atlanta. Hardbound, good condition.         Price: $7.00

                * The Court of Richard II by Gervase Mathew, hardbound, jacket, good condition, 227 pp. (1968).             Price: $25.00
                      My Vagabondage by J. E. Patterson printed in England (1900), hardbound, 373 pp., photo of author, good condition.              Price: $10.00

               * Benjamin Harrison, hardbound, 5x7 (1892)422 pp., includes photos. Rare. $25.00

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