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Friday, June 25, 2010

Henry County Wills and Estates

Records Available to Members of Georgia Pioneers
  • Henry County Marriage Contracts found in Deeds and Other
  • Index to Henry County Wills and Bonds, 1822-1834.
  • Index to Henry County Wills, Book A, 1834-1869.
  • Miscellaneous Wills (1834-1836)

    Barr, John
    Beard, Robert
    Bentley, Jesse
    Bishop, Ephraim
    Bowden, Jesse
    Britton Chapman
    Crawford, William
    Davis, Abner
    Hand, Joseph
    Heflin, Wiley
    McBride, Andrew
    Ragland, William
    Ray, John
    Smith, George
    Smith, Parks
    Stegall, Samuel, LWT (1848)
    Travis, Jesse
    Watson, James

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