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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

County Records are Prime Resource

County Records are Still the Prime Resource by Jeannette Holland Austin...Family researchers, nothing has changed. We still need to search the county records where our ancestors resided. More information will be gleaned here than anywhere else. Think about your own current life-style. When you purchase a home, a deed is recorded in the county where the house is located. The purchasers and sellers current county of residence is noted at the top of the legal description...something like this....John Smith of Fulton County, Georgia. That gives you where that person formerly resided and another place to research. The details of the legal description provide the location. County tax maps provide details such as district numbers and land lots. You can zero in on the location that way. Then use a county map to search for old cemeteries in the area. When you get married, that record is also filed at the local court house. Wills, guardianships, administrators, etc. provide a great deal of information. Even if a person dies intestate (without a will) there are all sorts of documents available, such as receipts, vouchers (of distributees), names of heirs in the annual returns, inventories, etc. This is why we peruse all of the estate indexes in the probate office. Minutes of the Inferior Court also list wills and estates which have been presented for probate. I have provided a number of Georgia county indexes to estate records on the website Georgia Pioneers to help you as well as digital images of county wills and estates. Georgia County Records

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