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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Colonials in St. Paul's Parish

Colonials in St. Paul's Parish (Richmond County) by Jeannette Holland Austin...
Settlers to Augusta, Georgia dates back to colonial days when the Indians and white men erected trading posts throughout the district and established a flourishing trade throughout South Carolina and Georgia. Augusta was named after the Princess of Wales and is the second oldest city in Georgia and was the capitol from 1785 to 1795. Governor John Milledge (1757-1818) was governor from 1802 to 1806 and died there. Another prominent figure was General John Twiggs. By the time of the American Revolution, St. Paul's Parish was well entrenched with settlements such as the Quakers in Wrightsboro (now Thomson) who'd been enticed with land grants. After the war, veterans from North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia were granted large tracts of land. In 1777 the region became Richmond County and was named after the Duke of Richmond, a British defender of the colonists. When tracing Richmond County, don't forget to also search the records of Warren and Columbia Counties. Some Wrightsboro's first records fell into Columbia County (now McDuffie).
Georgia County Records

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Michele Lewis said...

You said, "settlements such as the Quakers in Wrightsboro (now Thomson)"

Wrightsborough [correct spelling] and Thomson are not the same town. Wrightsborough is NW of Thomson and it is still its own community.