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Monday, April 26, 2010

Sailors, Salter, Savage, Sappington, Satterwhite, Saxon, Scarborough, etc.

The following genealogies have been added and are available to members of Georgia Pioneers

Genealogies -S-
Sailors of Madison County
Sailors of Switzerland, MD, SC, GA
Salter of Savannah
Savage of VA
Sappington of Monroe County
Satterwhite of Harris County
Saxon of England, VA, NC & GA
Scarborough of Burke & Madison Counties
Schell of Indiana
Schikan of Atlanta, Georgia
Scoggins of Georgia
Scott of Monroe County
Searcy of Monroe County
Selkirk of Chatham County
Semmes of MD; Wilkes County
Shannon of Ireland; Monroe County
Shelverton of Wilkes & Cobb Counties
Sherrod of Emanuel County
Segraves of Madison County
Sheppard, followup research comments
Shattles of Monroe and Upson Counties
Sheffield of Wayne County
Sheftall of Chatham County
Sherrill of MD, NJ, NC
Shiflet of Elbert County
Shirah of Dooly County
Shorter of Floyd County
Sikes of Monroe County
Simmons of Madison County
Sims of Hancock, Decatur Counties
Sims of Madison County
Sims of Madison County
Sims of Hancock & Newton Counties
Sinyard of Hall and Paulding Counties
Sinyard, Henry, Sr., descendants of
Sission of Edgefield County, SC
Slaton of Fulton County
Sledge of Clarke County
Slocumb of Jones County
Smith, Alexander, descendants of Washington, Warren, Wilkes and Laurens Counties
Smith, Davis, Monroe County descendants
Smith of Monroe, Talbot, Marion, Macon Counties,Georgia
Smith, Levi of Henry and Marion Counties
Smith, Thomas
Smith of Baldwin County
Smith of Banks County
Smith of Bibb County
Smith of Bibb County, etc.
Smith of Bulloch and Tattnall Counties
Smith of Burke County
Smith of Butts County
Smith of Camden County
Smith of Campbell County
Smith of Campbell, Carroll and Douglas Counties
Smith of Chatham County
Smith of Clarke County
Smith of Columbia and Warren Counties
Smith of Dooly County
Smith of Elbert and Franklin Counties
Smith of Fayette County
Smith of Glynn County
Smith of Greene County
Smith of Habersham County
Smith of Hancock County
Smith of Harris County
Smith, Richard of Houston County
Smith of Jackson County
Smith of Jasper County
Smith of Jefferson County
Smith of Jones County
Smith of Kiokee Creek
Smith of Laurens County
Smith of Liberty County
Smith of Lowndes County
Smith of Madison County
Smith of Monroe County
Smith of Oglethorpe County
Smith of Putnam County
Smith of Richmond County
Smith of Stewart County
Smith of Talbot County
Smith of Warren County
Smith of Washington County
Smith of Wilkes County
Smith of Wilkinson County
Smith of Upson County,Georgia
Spearman of Jasper County
Spears/Spiers of MD, GA
Spencer of Edgefield Co., SC; Burke Co., Georgia
Springer of Wilkes County
Stanford of Randolph County
Stanley of Lancashire, England; Tattnall County
Stanton, Frank
Stapleton of Loudoun Co., Virginia & Jefferson County
Steele of South Carolina and Georgia
Stegall of VA, SC, GA
Stephens of Madison County
Stephens of Crawfordville
Stephenson of DeKalb County
Stevens of Liberty County
Stewart of Liberty County
Stice of Germany, SC, KY
Stiles, William Henry (Men of Mark of Georgia by Northen)
Stocks of Greene County
Stokes of Georgia
Story/Storey of Jackson County
Stovall of Richmond County
Strange of VA, SC, GA
Strickland of Franklin, Madison Counties
Strickland of Franklin, Madison Counties
Stringer of SC, GA
Strong of Essex County, VA; Clarke County
Strong of New Kent County, VA; GA
Stubblefield of Oglethorpe Co.
Stubbs of Georgia
Stubbs of Bibb County
Summerall of Edgefield Co., SC; Wilkes County
Surrency of SC, GA

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