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Monday, March 15, 2010

Whitlock House in Marietta

Whitlock House, MariettaThe Kennesaw Gazette published in Atlanta on July 15 1889. Mr. M. G. Whitlock, proprietor of the Whitlock House, Marietta, Ga., which burned to the ground some time ago, and at present proprietor of the Elmwood House in that city, has architects at work on the plans for a one-hundred room hotel to be erected as soon as possible. The grounds for the new hotel have been bought already by Joseph M. Brown, traffic manager of the Western & Atlantic Railroad, a very wealthy and enterprising young man of Atlanta. The grounds are a very beautiful grove of oak trees containing ten acres and handsomely situated, at a comfortable and convenient distance from the W. & A. R. R. depot....Mr. Maxwell, of the Palace, who has just built a handsome home in Marietta, thinks such a hotel as Whitlock contemplates building will pay from the day it is opened, and make money for its owners every day in the year....

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